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I have just purchased a bundle which includes this pack.

so i purchased it twice in fact.

Can I revert my purchase for this pack?

I think you can try contacting itch support about the purchase you want refunded, and they might be able to grant it, but im not sure.

oh... that sounds inconvenient. I'll take care next time. btw, your scene assets is very good.

Thank you :)

This is very nice I love your work.  I would suggest you make more enemies and players because now I want to BUY ALL YOUR STUFF but I can't use it in a game because there's no players or enough enemies.  Now I'm sad!

Are you available for commissions?  We can talk prices privately.

Hi! Great work, love your style.

Have two questions:

- I know that you set bundle of your packs. I plan to buy more of it and was wondering is there will be some discount in near future ;)

- Will you make pack with main character only? With more animations?


Hey! Thank you!
Yes, I think I will do a bundle discount on release of my next pack which will be sometime this month most likely!
And yes, I do plan to expand on the character with more animations and make it a separate pack, but I dont know when it will come yet.

That's all I wanted to hear :D Thanks!

Character with more custom animations would be super cool! You know... dash, climb, death, slide and so on :)

With what software did you make these? 

I draw in Pyxel Edit.

Hi! Very nice! Your monsters are 48x48px minimum, but in your others packs, the hero is 26px height no? Its not too high for a standard monsters ?


Hey! No it should be fine. Those are only the canvas sizes. I drew the monsters to fit with the character. Here is a size comparison. The monsters who are supposed to be bigger are bigger, those who are smaller are smaller 

Ok thanks!

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Love this so much! 

Building a 2d MMO out of your fantasy asset packs

Edit: Definitely focus on it. Will join your patreon soon just for this :)

Thank you very much! Glad you like it!

Please don't stop this series, we need more

Definitely doing some more packs in this series!