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Can you give me color palette after I purchase this asset? Thanks

Oi sou desenvolvedor de jogos e estou precisando de Tilse-set novo e queria pergunta se você pode fazer um tilse-set próprio para meu desenvolvimento, Aviso irei pagalo

Hi ! I think you forgot to add some tiles for the background, no ? Im not able to reproduce these elements in your image :

Hey! Nope, everything is there. Those are these 2 tiles The top left one and the left middle one.

ok thank you!

Hi will you be adding a player death animation at all?

I have some plans to make an expanded character pack with more animations, but unsure when Ill finally get to it.

Cool perfect thanks :)

Thank you for such high quality assets! I started making a game using this: If I may, please consider making some UI assets - I'll pre-order it if I can :)

Thanks! Glad you like them! I have planned some UI assets, but don't know when I'll be able to get to it!

Hi, I created new animations for a game prototype based on your character (death, pull/push, climb, attack...). I re-work currently all the game assets for a unique style, but can i sell the new animations on Itchio ? The character isnt exactly the same but similar.


Hey! Could you show me how it looks?

Have you an email where i can send it? or maybe via twitter?

I sent you a message on twitter

Hello , I created a small game using your assets.

Awesome, checked it out a bit! Cool stuff :)


Quick question about the palettes associated.. Any chance they are / can be mapped into 16 colors? For systems like the Sega Genesis and GBA, most tiles are 16-colors only, so it'd be awesome if they'd fall into that..



Not sure about it really. If the limit is only no more than 16 colours per tile, then I imagine it could fit into that, but no idea how those old restrictions go, and what happens if theres transparency etc.

It's generally 16 colors (or 15 + transparency, really) per tile, which means most sets use a single 16-color palette for a particular layer or bunch of sprites. It does cut your colors down a bit but it'd be awesome if it could be mapped that way. I'll have a peek with ProMotion and see if I can remap them... (need to buy one first though :-) )

well, theres definitely more than 16 colours here in the fantasy packs, so it might take some fiddling and tile edits to get to 16 colours. You can maybe check out my simpler 16colour packs.

Very happy to see slope tiles have been added to these packs, will you update your assets from other stores too? (I sadly purchased this one elsewhere and its still at V1)

Thanks! If you mean gamedevmarket, then yep! It's updated there too, although they review everything by person, so it usually takes a long time to upload something. No idea when it will be live there.

Yeah I did, perfect thanks I'll just have to be more patient! :)

nice work, but player dont have death animation :(

anyway thanks :)

Hi! In the gif, there are some flying leaves but i dont see it in the pack, can you add it? Thanks!

Hi! The leaves weren't meant to be in the asset pack, just added them to the gif for demonstration purposes, sort of a what if. But sure, I added the sprite to the downloads anyway :) Thanks

great thanks!

so good!

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I bought this asset but this asset is very many parts

so I need to help

you can write tile number at example png?

Umm, there isn't really any tile numbers, since it just depends on how your own tilesheet is set up. You should maybe take a look at the example image I provided, and take the tiles directly from there, it should help with understanding which tiles is which. :) If you can't figure it out at all, then let me know on what exactly you need and ill try to help!

Ok thx :)


hey,can u include a default map please

Hi! Is there any chance that you add another pack with more monsters and some animations for main character (may be sword throwing)?


Yep, I will eventually! :) Not sure when though.