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hi it says, you can't resell the tileset, but it also says you can use this in commercial projects which would mean selling the tileset too? how do not do that?

Using it commercially means using it in a game, or something of that sorts. Reselling it means taking it as it is and selling it as your own asset pack. You cant sell the individual artwork as your own.

OK THAt makes SENSE!!!


Amazing! :D

Are the lava animation frames not included?

Hello! It is included, it's in the decorations folder.

Thank you!


The tileset is awesome, thanks for including in the Justice bundle :)

you are really good, how do you draw your tileset?


Hey thanks!

Im not sure how to answer this question. If you mean software, then I use Pyxel Edit. Outside of that, I just draw :D

yea  i was meaning software, thank you 

Really nice!

Thank you!