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Absolutely stunning work.  I haven't purchased this yet but I am wishlisting it for purchase on a future game project.  Glad to see an artist of your style is putting your hand into the mix as well.  Reminds me quite a bit of Moonlighter.  Here's to hoping you'll create a beach and ocean set as part of your series.  Seems like there are too few "beach and at sea" pixel art pieces.

Thank you! Something beachy, with water, and palms and such, sounds cool I guess! I'll look into it! :)

Dear Aamatnieks, 

Could you do a mars terrain (planet) tileset in the similar style of this? I would buy it in a nano-second! Please ...

Hey! I don't think I will make a mars terrain specifically, but I might make some environment which could possibly be used as mars terrain, something dry and rocky :)

In redish hues for the colour and yeah I am sold :) Just add rocks and the regular terrain.

Very nice! I hope to see more assets in the same style/perspective from you in the future.

Thank you! There's more coming!