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I love the colors you chose for this

I will give you credit for this too in my game, is there any chance you plan on making a sci-fi pack, or city?

Thanks! So far I haven't planned on a city or a sci-fi pack. Currently asset making is also on a little pause, because Im a bit too busy. 

Someday when you can I’d love to see a sewer

Just bought the desert pack, I plan on buying the trees one too in the future for my game in development, that you can see here if interested...

This pack looks really nice!  I'm going to buy this one for my future game and give you full credit.  Will you be making a "Jungle" asset pack, by any chance?

For my game, I'm also looking for a "City" asset pack in the same style you did, if you're interested. 

Thanks again.

Hey! Thanks a lot. I currently dont have a Jungle themed pack in the works, but it's a good idea and I will definitely do it some time in the future! Im not sure when i'll be able to get to it though. About the city im not so sure. 
Thanks, Nauris

Amazing work as always, everything you release is an instant buy!

Thanks a lot, much appreciated :)

Hi, what is the size (in pixels - height and width)  of backgrounds in this and other similar packs?

hey! All my packs have tile size of 16x16 and the backgrounds are 320x192(can cut it to fit 320x180, so if you make it 6x it fits with 1920x1080 etc)

Wonderfully made!

Thank you!

Looks really fantastic! Excellent pixel art as always!

Thank you very much! :)