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Thank you so much for this! Helped me a lot to prototype :)

this looks awesome!

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Hi, excellent work. I would like to know what the exact resolution is, so that the quality of the sprites looks like in the gif images. I can't get it in the game. Fantasy Knight - Melee Sword Attack for GDevelop by Game2DOM (


Hey! The actual sprite without empty space in the image is about 38x20 pixels, but it depends on the animation as in some theres a sword and stuff. So because of that I kept the image size as 120x80 pixels for every animation. And the character is centered correctly to be in the middle/bottom of the whole image.

esta EXCELENTE! te felicito

w mans


You're amazing, love the work!

its already has animation but how I can put it with Godot ?? help me

Hello! Sorry, i dont know, i dont use godot myself.

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no problem, now I know how I watch a vid :) and thanks for the sprite bro it's so cool.

how bro how to add  in godot help

Hey! Not sure as I haven't used godot. But it should be like any other sprite/png based animation.

Can I use your sprite template to create my own character?


Yes, you can modify it as you wish and use it in your own games etc. But you cant resell it(in asset pack, nft etc)


I will not resell this and only use in my game, your name will apear in the credits. Thank you so much for answear me.


Thank you for creating awesome assets!

I used this knight in my first Unity game that’s now on the iOS AppStore. I’ve given credit to all the artists whose assets were used on my instagram page here:

Couldn't find an instagram account for you. If you have one, let me know so I can tag & follow:)


Hey! I made studyproject usng this. Looks nice, Thank you!

Too bad a can not donate drom russia :(


dammmmmmmmn the animations looks sooo smoooooothhh






I participated in a GameJam with your asset and mentioned you in the game credits:


very cool sprite..thank youuuuuuu. If you modify it in the future, add a jump attack if possible. 


Pretty awesome overall.

The jump "launch" leaves a little to be desired.

Any chance of a paid "expansion" pack with additional weapons or edge case animations? Or maybe even a walk animation.

Very cool. I'll be picking up some of your other packs.


Very cool 👍


Broooooo me encanta, justo es lo que andava vuscando, era esto especificamente, ahh y alabado sea el sol ;)


Amazing animation, seamless almost all variants for animations only lacking walk but everything else is covered impressively, best free pixel knight i've found


This is such a great resource. Thank you. The idle animation with outline seems to be 21, not 20; and the non-outline width is 19. 


This asset is really something, like all of your works.

What about expanding this Knight with paid asset packs (something like Expansion Pack 1 : Extra Movement, Expansion Pack 2 : Extra Combat ecc)? 

It is already one of the most beautiful assets around, but with expansions it could became THE hero character.

Again, great work and thanks for sharing.

Sorry I'm new to all of this. So if I download this pack its totally fine if I put it in a game that I'm going to be selling?


Hello, yes!

thank you

This is good. The animations are super smooth!

Thank you!

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Anyway, will you update this sprite? I feel it need more animations such as ladder climb, ladder slash, and jump attack. It'll be similar to Zero from Mega Man X series ^^


Probably not in the nearest future, but I will write down the ideas, maybe get to it some day.


This is so good I feel bad by not donating to you (Once I get rich I will donate you)


Thanks :D


can i use it for a jam

Yes, ofcourse

how mush frame between avry sprit

Frame counts and canvas sizes are listed in the description

Cheers mate. Threw some coins in the tin because you made it free. Really wished I was in time for your new years asset pack sale. Missed knowing about it by 2 days.
But great work.  Do you do any of these packs on a commission? Like if I needed you to extend the pack, how much would you charge?

Hey! Much appreciated! Should be a new sale some time in spring probably :)
As for commissions, i am pretty busy, so I would probably not have the time. 

This is perfect and exactly what I need for my prototype, thank you!

Hey saw that you were using this character, just wanted to say if you were planning on adding a leveling system to your game I have a Status window game asset on my page good luck!

Thanks for a high quality character!

High quality character, you rock!

Bello quanto tempo ci hai messo per farlo?

I am currently developing a game with this sprite! If I don't end up changing to a different knight, this will be in the full release :)


Nice to hear! :)

Hey saw that you were making a game, just wanted to say if you were planning on adding a leveling system to your game I have a Status window game asset on my page good luck!

Gorgeous Dark Souls Knight ... great! Please make a monster in this style, better if you publish it for money. I would love to buy.

Thanks! Im not sure, i'll get to making monsters just yet. So many ideas, so little time..

This is really good, do you plan on releasing assets that have the same artstyle for sale, I dont buy assets but I would make an exception for something that looks this good

Thanks! It should already fit with my fantasy series,if you pick the lighter version character. I don't have plans for dark fantasy style assets at the moment though, but who knows :)

Love your work, mate <3

Thanks a lot!

awesome!..btw, I suggest to add "jump attack" move animation too :)


Hey! Thanks! I will write it down, if I get to updating the pack some time, I will add it!

omg it looks so good !

Glad you like it!

Oh man! This is amazing!

Thanks a lot :)

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