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Bello quanto tempo ci hai messo per farlo?

I am currently developing a game with this sprite! If I don't end up changing to a different knight, this will be in the full release :)


Nice to hear! :)

Gorgeous Dark Souls Knight ... great! Please make a monster in this style, better if you publish it for money. I would love to buy.

Thanks! Im not sure, i'll get to making monsters just yet. So many ideas, so little time..

This is really good, do you plan on releasing assets that have the same artstyle for sale, I dont buy assets but I would make an exception for something that looks this good

Thanks! It should already fit with my fantasy series,if you pick the lighter version character. I don't have plans for dark fantasy style assets at the moment though, but who knows :)

Love your work, mate <3

Thanks a lot!

awesome!..btw, I suggest to add "jump attack" move animation too :)


Hey! Thanks! I will write it down, if I get to updating the pack some time, I will add it!

omg it looks so good !

Glad you like it!

Oh man! This is amazing!

Thanks a lot :)

Veeeeeery gooood, amazing work!

Thank you!

Looks good! Hope you're gonna expand on these a lot (optionally with paid characters with more anims too!)

Easily in my top 5 sprite character artists on itch.

Thank you! I can't promise, but I have some ideas for some more common animations I might add some time. But as always time is how it is, and not sure when I can get to it.

Very impressive. This may help me with my teaching classes.

Thanks a lot, glad you like it!