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Fantasy Knight - Free Animated Pixelart Character

This character pack fits well together with packs from my Fantasy Platformer Bundle  

This is a Fantasy Knight character pack. With multiple animations that are necessary to make a game. The character is available in 2 colour styles - a darker and more muted colour version, and a more colourful lighter version. Both colour versions also come with outline or no outline so you can fit whatever works better for your game!

Full Details -

  • Actual Character Size - Approximately 38x20 pixels.  The Canvas  is 80x120 due to some animations.
  • 2 colour versions + outline or no outline.
  • Idle (10 frames)
  • Run (10 frames)
  • Turn Around (3 frames)
  • Crouch, with transition (1 frame  + 1 transition frame from standing)
  • Crouch walk (8 frames)
  • Crouch Attack (4 frames)
  • Slide, with transition (2 frames)
  • Wall Hang (1 frames)
  • Wall Climb (7 frames)
  • Attack 1 (4 frames)
  • Attack 2 (6 frames)
  • Jump, with transition (3 frames+ 2 frame transition between fall)
  • Fall, with transition (3 frames + 2 frame transition between jump)
  • Hit (1 frames)
  • Death (10  frames)
  • Wall Slide (3 frames)
  • Roll (12 frames)
  • Dash (2 frames)

LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated.  You may not redistribute  or resell the assets on their own, that includes NFTs, just images, or asset compilations. The assets can't be used in AI creations.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
Tags2D, Animation, Dark, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, souls


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Hello, do You have Discord Server Mr.? So I could talk with You in private? Also I would like to know if You would be interested in some extra, specific work and getting paid for it? Work and Pixel Art that Icould request are all pretty simple, Your animations are amazing but I would need ~20 similar sprites of max 2/3 frames ( Sheep + Wolf + few types of "soldiers" ) They need to stay simple so no fancy animations, just walking to the one direction.

If You could tell me approximate price ( You can also share pixel art made for me public / free / paid after ) for this size "project"

Thank You!

I do have a discord server here, however im not available for work right now, and likely wont be atleast till the end of the year. Just to note, my freelance rates currently are generally 40-50$ per hour, so the final price depends how long it takes.

Thank You! I joined Your Discord server, sad to hear that You are not available for work right now but well it's fine I will try again next time ^_^

My name on the Discord is same as on Itch.io

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wowow very nice i like attack animation best

(1 edit)

very good!!

Amazing! Please consider making a set of UP and DOWN animations for this!

Thats what i need aswell! 

Amazing work!!! I love this assets!

Hello, I can change this package as needed.

hello, yes you can modify it as you see fit. Only restriction is on reselling it on its own, be it part of another asset pack or on its own etc.

thank you very much


Hi, great work, man. I paid a little extra just because I see so many comments of people who are sad they didn't pay. I have one critque though: While I have no problem collecting all these into one sheet myself, I did however expect it to be there in the files, the one sheet, because it is one of your promotional images. While I do see why having separate files for each animation type, having it all in one sheet is what I normally expect. And unless the engine knows how to do some magic, it is less performance friendly with the many sheets, though a minor thing. So all in all: Very satisfied.

I didnt pay sorry Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to pay the fee right now, but I will use your name in my project.

Me neither bro. But yknow, this pack is amazing! I couldn't not download it.

Looks sick

Thanks Bro


i didnt pay sorry 
i wish i can do such an amazing work

(1 edit) (+1)

Just made a quick test build with your character, love the spritesheeyt, if you’re interested here is a test build, would love to know what you think about how the character feels!



Hi! I haven't uploaded this to my page yet, but heres a video from my Twitter, thank you for your spritesheet, it's amazing and beautiful.


and... where I can find all animations spritesheet?

Hey, yes, you can modify it. The only thing thats not allowed is redistribution on its own - for example reselling it in another asset pack, or NFTs, or using in AI work.

okay, thanks

Can I modify this for use in my project? I have been looking for such assets for a long time.

Very nice art, but can someone help me? How can i animate it to make the animation smooth? Idle like 0, 2,4,6,8 and run 1,3,5,7,9 isnt working cause it causes the impression that the character is teleporting. Can u guys help me out?

Hello, I started a game with your knight as hero, he is perfect. Impressive work. I also used your portrait generator.

Do you work as freelance il I need more animations for the knight, or for more detailled (bigger)  assets?

Aniway very good work.

Link : https://sushikoba.itch.io/platformtest

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks glad you like it! Currently Im not available for freelance work though. Thanks

if I want to include creddits of your work in my game, what would be appropriate place to put them?


You can just write my name - Nauris Amatnieks in the credits


Incredible asset and thanks to put it free. Is because the people like you that little devs can still make games

this is good asset, Thanks :



I really like it. Thank you

Thank you for the asset. Nice work! 👏



Could you please add left and right versions for each animation?


Hey, You can just flip them, no other ones will be added!


Thank you so much. It is one of the rarest, cleanest, and smoothest animation assets that can be found for free. I have a request if you could add it, I would appreciate it. Could you add a jump attack animation and maybe other cool animations like climbing a ladder and drinking something for healing? Thanks in advance

Thanks, glad to hear that! Oh, ill write it down, hopefully I can get to it some time, but im quite busy right now.

Thank you vary much, you enabled others to create, when I will get money I will 100% donate to this fantastic asset.

Thanks a lot!

love it, love it so much in fact that it inspired me to create a new game!

Glad to hear!

Life SAVER whoever made this 


It's me, i am the life saver!

Thank you.

ty used this for school project so nice!


cara eu posso utilizar este personagem que você criou em um dos meus jogos que eu estou criando lembrando você terá seu nome marcado nos créditos do jogo

I can use and I can sell my game on steam or any site use your asset?


Yes, you can sell your game

Thank you so much! You awesome person 

(1 edit)

Details on FPS on each sprite?

That really depends on your game and character speed etc. But I animated most of them at 60ms per frame, or ~16fps.

Great stuff! Thank you very much for the assets!

I did a game with it. You can check it out on:


Cool! :)


thanks's, its amazing

I used you're awesome player in my game jam game:  https://pomy.itch.io/tower-of-frost 

Looks amazing Thanks so much!!! :)

Thank you so much for this! Helped me a lot to prototype :)

this looks awesome!

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