FREE PACK - Fantasy Knight

Hello all!
As a thank you for everyone who's supporting me and buying my packs, I decided to release a free character pack!

Hope you like it! It should fit well with my fantasy bundle packs!

Thanks for the support,


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Oct 06, 2021

Get Fantasy Knight - Free Pixelart Animated Character

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its already animation but how i can put it with godot ??


hello I love this sprite but can someone help me to make it have idle and run

Hello! It already has an idle and a run animation.

yes but I am using a tutorial and when I do what it tells me to be able to put the idle animation what it does is that when I jump it falls slowly but I am already looking for another tutorial to be able to do it well

hello but you can do an idle and a ru with the sword

Sorry that is not planned at the moment

Thank you very much, he looks great!

Thank you!