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I saw some months ago a Waterfall in your DeviantArt, it's so beautiful. Can you add a waterfall to this pack, please?


You really should do some interiors :)

Hi, I recently downloaded your asset and when I tried  to animate the campfire, it wasn't static when it animated. So I checked in the inspector, clicked on multiple sprite and resized the campfire. Finally, I ran the animation again and it still wasn't static. If you like, I can share a video of the campfire animation.


Sorry im not sure what you mean, it wasn't animating for you in your engine?

i am under Unity and the behaviour of the campfire doesn't match at the glimps

Hey I am at the moment working on my game and your art just charmed me.
I wanna know is it possible to get more decoratet Object like this? 
All of the art looks amazing.

Hey! Thanks! I have that trees and rocks pack too. But that's all I have out now. In the nearest time i have no plans to expand this sadly, as Im about to start working on a new top-down asset pack series.

Hey, I just got this pack and it is amazing.
I have a question about the pressure plate animation.
How does the spritesheet for it work?

Hey, you make it however it is necessary in your game. Leave it up in a static position when its unpressed.And play the first few frames for the press, and then leave it in a static pressed position again. Or however you need it.

Thank you! I managed to use frames 5, 6 and 4 (in that order) to make the plate go down, then I reversed the order to make it go up.

Looking forward to more nice packs!

Hey, there is some cool objects in this asset pack so i decided to buy it and use it in my upcoming game. If you are curious or interested i will leave a link to the youtube video.


I have just purchased a bundle which includes this pack.

so i purchased it twice in fact.

Can I revert my purchase for this pack?

Hi ! How animate the Bar Door in the pack ? i dont see it :( , thanks !

hey! I included only a static sprite of that, since its better to animate that through code by just dropping it down from the ceiling etc. With frame by frame animation it wouldnt be so smooth.

ok! But i dont understand the animation, its left To right? Top  to bottom ?

It should be top to bottom :) For the iron bar door.

Hi! This pack work with the hero and the environment of your forest pack? Its the good size?

Yes those should fit together! :)

you should make a top-down version too :/

I will maybe do that some time, if I decide to make top-down tilesets too!

Hi dude,  is it 16x16 or 32x32?

Hey! umm, more 32x32 than 16x16. But as you can see some are larger, some smaller. Would fit better with a 32x32px character!

Deleted 5 years ago

Thanks! I might make top-down sometime too, if I decide to make top-down tilesets.