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hello friend, amazing work!.

Harpy enemy can have dead animation (4-5 frames for example)?

If you can do this animation can update it in gamedev market please? i bought 75% of your work here. Thanks again

I love the brown grass and trees. Having plant life in these scenes really makes them feel real

Awesome tiles! Did you think about creating an enemy pack for each tilesets you have? Could be interesting.


Hello! Thanks!
Yes I've planned to do more enemy packs, however don't have the time right now. Not sure when I'll be able to get to it, but probably not anytime soon sadly

Hey, here's the app released so far, it has your graphics. It's my first ever app.

Awesome! :)

No animated foliage?

There isn't no. The trees in the gif were animated through code as written in the description. Just a really subtle swaying animation

Hi, I love you kkkkk

hi, thanks :D

Você pode fazer um Propio apenas meu? Eu irei pagar a quantia que você pedir

ouch! i need with diagonals! :(

anyway awesome work!!

Amazing, I had to buy this as I already have the fantasy forest, beautiful pixels. I'm definitely looking forward to future packs with slopes, I have my slope collision system all finished and it needs some skin!

Hey there, thanks a lot! Sadly though, I decided that there probably won't be any diagonal slopes in any of these packs after all. It's just way too much of a hassle to make it all work with all the other tiles and takes too much time. 

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Gorgeous work! Plan on buying it when my check clears. Of all things, this was on my Google Now stories. No idea how it found you but I am glad it did!

Thank you very much! Oh, that's interesting!

no diagonal slopes again?

Hey, nope in the end I decided that there won't be any diagonal slopes in this set of asset packs. But I might make some other series where I include those.