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This is a 16x16px tile top-down tileset.

It includes tiles for grass, dirt, sand, water, cliffs as well as a lot of  decorations like trees, bushes, rocks, mushrooms and flowers. Decoration sprites come with drawn in shadows and with removed shadows so you can add them yourself in game engine.  Includes water animations and a waterfall. 

Note: although the tile size is 16x16px, the assets themselves would work the best with characters larger than 32px high. Although there are plenty of smaller size decorations, which work well with <32px size characters, too.


  • 16 tile Grass tiles. 
  • 16 tile Dirt tiles
  • 16 tile Sand Tiles
  • 16 tile Beach Tiles(+animation)
  • 16 tile Water tiles ( 2 colours)
  • Large modular cliff tiles with changeable height. (Grass,Dirt,Sand)
  • 10x Rock Sprites(+animation for putting in water)
  • 11x Tree Sprites(2 leaf colour versions)
  • Mushrooms (2 colours)
  • Bushes(2 colours)
  • Grass(2 colours)
  • Flowers 
  • Water plants - Reeds and water lilies(2 colours + animation)
  • Giant Tileable Tree + trunk (2 colours)
  • Vines that can be placed on cliffs and elsewhere
  • Tileable animated waterfall with changeable width and height.32x32px for ease of use.
  • and other small bits and pieces, check the preview images.


  • Larger tree size sprites for each variant of tree.
  • Another colour version for rocks.
  • Alternative slightly darker version of the grass tileset.
  • Variation decor pebbles for dirt tiles.


LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated.  You may not redistribute  or resell the assets on their own, that includes NFTs, just images, or asset compilations. The assets can't be used in AI creations.


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Tags16-bit, Animation, Asset Pack, Fantasy, Forest, Medieval, Pixel Art, Top-Down, waterfall


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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EraOfFantasy_Grasslands_v2.zip 2 MB
EraOfFantasy_Grasslands_v1.zip 2 MB

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It's beautiful work! Do you happen to have any Tiled tsx files for your set?

Thanks! No sorry, have to set that up yourself

Did a version following Mana Seed protocols, but sure it could be better. :)

Can that be public domain or specific to your game? wondering if you can share you tsx creation :) 

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Gorgeous work. Would love another set to buy as well. Village assets to buy are pretty thin in general

Hi, thanks for great assets, your art style is amazing. Any chance you are going to add some basic animations for some of your trees?

Hey, probably not going to add any animations to the trees. 

Hi, I'm planning to use EoF on a dont'starve like mobile survival game. But I need more assets. Are there any other top-down asset packs compatible with EoF?

Hey! From my assets only the village props pack. But there is probably something around on the store, have to look around yourself

I guess I checked all the itch.io for 2 days. :) No packs as quality as this, the color palette is unique.  Keep up the good work.

Can I take this object's size as reference for the main character's size?


Hey, yeah it's about that size as i was imagining, I made this character with 1 frame to use as reference for myself so I guess you can also use this guy as size ref. 

Hey thanks, this will absolutely help!

Amazing tileset!

Are there any bundles or discounts planned at the moment?

There will be a winter sale sometime in middle of december!


Sounds great. Thx!


Waiting the sale!


thx, waiting for it.

waiting for sale!

absolutely love this pack hope i can buy it soon!

Esta muy lindo.

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do you plan to make more sets for "Era of Fantasy"? I love this series so much!

hey, yes, i will make more, but they take a lot of work to do, and I don't have as much time recently, so it will be a while.

How do you tile the cliffs for variable height?

Hey! You use the middle tiles, it's fairly standard in tilesets. Hope it helps!
Here's an image - https://imgur.com/U8Hxzm1 

That's obvious but how do you put it on a grid in a practical way? I figured it out now myself. I auto-tile the top tiles and then place the rest manually.

I really like your asset pack, it is extremely good. For one, sprites are generally well done artistically. Also tiling is efficient and smart (much to learn for me).

I hope you do more of these. Maybe different biomes, caves, etc. By the way, your Discord link is broken.

I think the water tiles have some inconsistencies or bugs. I would like to report these.

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Yeah, you can either auto-tile it that way, or code some custom script that fills in the rest too, i've seen that kind of thing before. Unfortunately with these complex type of cliffs there's not many other ways how to do it i think. Maybe some bigger piece/tile approach could produce decent results too, ill have to think about it for future tilesets for ease of use.
Thank you, I will definitely be making more in the future! 
Let me know about the water tiles, maybe i've missed something.

If I purchase this resource, are other subsequent resources included?


Only what is in this pack is included(description and images has preview of just about everything). Other new packs like the - village props pack i have released is not included ofcourse, because that's a separate asset pack.
If I do some sort of update on this specific pack, then you get it for free - like the extra trees and rocks i did already - check the update 1 image here in previews.

Are there any other updates to this pack? I just bought it.

Everything for this pack is in the EraOfFantasy_Grasslands_v2.zip

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Hi, if you don't continue to add something to this pack, I don't think it's worth the $25 price. It's too expensive

can you provide 32x32 too pls?


Sorry that is not possible, as it would require redrawing everything.

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just waiting this assets for sale :')

This is a really cool tileset! 😍 I'd like to use one of the demo illustrations from this pack in my video to show how good an animated map can look. I'd like to show just one image and I'll be sure to include a link to this page in the video description. Would that be okay with you?

Hey! Sure, as long as people don't have access to the files themselves for free, it's all good.

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This pack looks absolutely amazing.

However, are there any plans to include a top-down character for it?

Either as a add-on pack or whatever. Or are you intending to create additional environment (paid) packs?

Edit: After seeing some comments it seems as if you're expanding on it.


Thanks! currently working on a Village buildings and props pack, which will be absolutely massive! After that I will most likely do some other environment. I do want to make some character for it too, but not sure when I'll be able to get to it, and if i'll make it yet.

I have a wacky question. I found this amazing pack under the isometric tag. Does this pack work under an isometric view or was it designed for regular rectangular view?


Hey! Oh it's mostly just standard top-down. Although there are a few decorations which are made more in isometric view. But yeah it's not really isometric, not sure why it's on the isometric tag. Ill check it

Absolutely gorgeous tileset! I can't wait to see more from you in this style; I will definitely purchase more like this. Thank you!


Thanks, glad to hear!

Beautiful work on this tileset! I will absolutely be purchasing the future packs in this style that it sounds like you are working on. I am very excited to see the town/village art, as well as anything farming/crafting related. Keep up the great work!

Thanks! Yeah, the village buildings and props pack is the one coming next! I think in the end it will include a bit of farming stuff, too. But it's already getting so large, that I think I will have to make a separate farming pack later on.

also, can the waterfall effect be used as a single tile and multiple tiles? I'm curious to know if the width of the waterfall can be controlled?

(1 edit)

This is 16x16px tiles, but its made in a way that it would likely fit well with stuff thats meant more for 32x32px. Waterfall size can be controlled both horizontally and vertically! Only the waterfall is made up of 32x32px tiles due to ease of use, the rest is 16x16px

Is this available in a 32x32px size?

Hello, your work is very good, I would like to ask you how should I do a quick crop of the images in the Tileset folder and how big a pixel should I crop, it's too inefficient if I just use Photoshop to crop. I hope you can answer my question. Finally, your work is great!

Hey! Not entirely sure what youre asking for. But the tiles are 16x16px. The big tileset sheet is all on 16x16px grid.

Looks amazing ! Any chance you're planning to create characters/monsters to go with this in the future ?


Thank you! Not anytime soon as there's other stuff I want to get to first, like a town pack, and building and farming stuff, as well as a cave environment. After that we'll see.

Fair enough :)

Hey again, any idea when to expect the new pack ?


Hey! Props pack is nearly done, but im working on a buildings pack too, and I think I will release them both at the same time. So it's likely still a little while to go, as I don't have so much time to work on it. Not sure how long exactly though, maybe 2 months, but not sure, sorry.

Alright, thanks for the update, looking forward to it !

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Do you have any recommendations or tips for blending between the different shade of grass seamlessly? 

This is absolutely gorgeous, thank you for the great work

Hey! Thanks, glad you like it!
As for the grass, the darker shades are better to be used for places where you need a shadowier/darker place. Or like a focusing/composition tool. Make the places that are not as important darker, while keeping your main paths, and other spots where you can walk lighter. Stuff like that, if that's what you meant. 
Or if you meant how to get the light grass transition to darker grass, you can just use layers. Keep the lightest grass as base layer, and add the darker shade on top on another layer. However i included also the tiles which have integrated dark to light colours, which you can use on the same layer.

(1 edit)

The layering is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

Out of curiosity, what program did you use to lay the demo images out?

Thank you!
I drew it in Pyxel Edit, and that's what I used too make the mockups too. But it's probably easier to do in some game engine. Coding in autotiling and stuff like that. 

Really nice!  Are the water animations included, or is this something we have to make ourselves?

thanks, they are included!


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Please tell me you are making more top-down game resources. This is gorgeous!


Thanks! I am! Working on a town and village buildings and props pack


Looks great!   I agree that future/cyberpunk theme would be great too!


This is amazing, please make more of these. I also would love to see you do a modern/future/cyberpunk themed set.


Thanks! Currently working on a town buildings and props pack for this series! but it will probably take a little while to be done with it. :)


 Amazing! Do you have any other packs that compatible with this?


Hey, no not at the moment, its a new series, so more packs will come later


amazing 👏 wish it was 32x32 so I could use it in my project 😭


It's so beautiful.


Thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous. Does the tileset have animations of water surfaces and waterfalls?

Waterfall is animated and tileable both vertically and horizontally. And all the water lines where they meet land are animated, same with waterlines around objects. And there's some sparkle animation of water you can put on top. Like you can see in the example mockups i made


Great Asset Pack, winter tiles would be awesome as an addition, and some characteres maybe in another pack which suit this assets :)


Thanks a lot! More stuff will come later, next pack im planning is a town/village buildings and props one. But it will take some time!


Love this so much!


I like this tileset,thanks。




i just got ur pack great job , may i ask what color pallette did you use ?

Thanks a lot! I didn't use a palette, i picked my own colours that fit!


This looks really amazing! Great work and awesome art :)


Thank you!


Oh my goodness!



<3 Amazing work !

Thanks a lot!


Amazing job man, amazing =)

Thank you!


Really looks nice new and popular tab already, I wish i could buy it.


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