Have you ever wondered what's it like being a pixel artist(or just an artist) for a living? Well now you can find out!

NOTE: the standalone .exe is more stable. There's a bug in html5 where the game blackouts if you skip the texts too fast.


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i found that i can relate to the developer and loved the game.I made my own song whilst editing this video

I like it. It's so true as dev XD

I like this a lot actually. I hope its not as accurate as people would think...

the game crashed cuz i clicked too fast XD

with double click on luuuuul

This is sad.. but still! I'll keep making pixel sprites/arts!

nice game, good humor, tho i imagine most of that is true

I just played this game about 10 times, declining and accepting different things and thinking that if I clicked slower so that I wouldn't be in the red zone something good would happen. I feel really bad if this is anyone's life. I'll be making a youtube video on it because I really enjoyed it though and good luck with any future projects!

I feels ya man

Godness, hard reality. 

It's sad... really sad (almost too sad... because it's so true)

I died/lost.
This game really kicked its story in my heart ;'(
Keep up wtih your awesome work and Good Luck!
I wish I could donate some money but says the minimum is 0.50€
(If you can send me your link I'd be glad to donate ;) )


Thanks! :) You should be able to just change the donation to whatever you want on itch here ;)

Ow, my heart.

And this, my friends, is exactly why I don't do freelance anymore!

LOVE THIS. Love everything about it. Covered it on my channel if you want to check it out:

haha, thank you! I am glad you liked it, I enjoyed the video :)

Another example of the playable leaflet concept. Well done and important message.

Can you mention other examples of playable leaflets? I'm curious!

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It's basically a short game built around a "message".

I don't want to be too Italo-centric here, but many short works by Molleindustria qualify as playable leaflets IMHO. I made up this concept while talking about my Two Interviewees during a presentation for the Game Design Week in Milan (in Italian:

Some great examples:

I don't know if the category has some academic depth, but this game would definitely fit in it. :-)

Ok, now I've understood what you mean, thanks. I guess some vignette games could also follow under this category.

This is cool. It's a nice touch that the artist's work gets worse over time as he just gets poorer and more desperate. This concept of payment by exposure is horribly common among musicians and all manner of creatives too, and in a lot of cases it's exploitative bullshit.

Is there a way to "win" the game? Like a "good ending"?

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Very cynical and funny and great art work! I've covered it as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn:

So realistic, its hurts.. but in a good way, hm, you know :D