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Hi ! Do you think make a promotion for theses game assets for black friday ? Thanks !

Hey! Yeah the packs will be on sale on Black Friday!

great thanks !

Great work. I like your reactivity for the branches. It really changes a lot in terms of level design possibility. Cheers

Thanks, glad you're liking it! :)

Please add a fall/autumn variant (just before winter) with falling leaves sprites. Cheers!

Hey, sorry but won't be adding that one, would require a considerable change to everything. Might add a separate similar pack like that some time in the future though, but no promises.

Will you do a lava world tileset?

Hi! Yes, I will probably do that one in the future. But don't know when yet.

It would be great if the large trees would have horizontal branches that would work as one-way platforms.

Added it! Thanks :)