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Hi-Bit Fantasy Winter Platformer Tileset

An asset pack in the same series as the 

This pack is a 16x16px winter tileset.

Also included a 3 layer parallax background to have some depth. Some background decorations like giant birch trees, bush and hollowed fallen tree,  as well as a Fluff ball  enemy and player character sprites.

Now also with Slope Tiles!

Full Details - 

  •  16x16px Fantasy Winter Tileset
  • Slope Tiles
  • 3 Layer parallax background 
  • Character Sprite with Idle,Running,Falling,Jumping and Attack animations(with and without sword)
  • Enemy Fluff ball monster with Idle, Running and Death animations
  • Less saturated background tileset 
  • 2 Giant birch trees with additional horizontal platform branch sprites.
  • 4 decoration sprites - Hollowed Fallen Tree, Bush, Snow pile, Rocks under snow
  • Grass and rock tiles to put on top of the ground
  • Blocky ancient brick tiles that can be used to break the repetitiveness
  • Spike sprites for 4 directions

LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated.  You may not redistribute  or resell the assets on their own, that includes NFTs, just images, or asset compilations. The assets can't be used in AI creations.

Note: No game code is included in the asset pack, the game gif is just for demonstration purposes.

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Tags16-bit, 2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Tilemap


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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What I like about these tilesets is that he always includes the character and a mob. So it doesnt really matter with which tileset you start, you have everything you need to start. This tileset looks good but in my case I needed to make adjustements to the tileset for them to work in gamemakerstudio 2. Not a big deal at all! The results you can achieve with this are great and Im actually planning on buying more from this since they all fit well together. Im just missing a matching village/city tileset. Maybe he will come up with one? Also you should know that the closest background does not support scrolling up. The trees just end and its obvious inside games that theyre cut off and not supposed to be displayed. If youre planning on using this for a sidescroller it will be fine. Anything that is able to scroll up and down and the background wont work or like me you have to adjust the background and let the trees end naturally with foliage or dead stumps. Wish there was an official solution for this because its just that single background and Im not a good artist to fix it properly xD

holy moly this looks amazing. That parallax!

Hi ! Do you think make a promotion for theses game assets for black friday ? Thanks !


Hey! Yeah the packs will be on sale on Black Friday!

great thanks !

ooh maybe I can afford them then!

Great work. I like your reactivity for the branches. It really changes a lot in terms of level design possibility. Cheers

Thanks, glad you're liking it! :)

Please add a fall/autumn variant (just before winter) with falling leaves sprites. Cheers!

Hey, sorry but won't be adding that one, would require a considerable change to everything. Might add a separate similar pack like that some time in the future though, but no promises.

Will you do a lava world tileset?

Hi! Yes, I will probably do that one in the future. But don't know when yet.

It would be great if the large trees would have horizontal branches that would work as one-way platforms.

Added it! Thanks :)