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This is a Pixelart Portrait Maker/Generator.

With this tool you can create high quality pixelart portraits with a variety of customization options, sliders and randomization functions. Export it straight for use as your social media avatar or for use in games or other projects!

Pixelart Portraits in 128x128px canvas.

Full details:

  • 14 ear types with a slider for positioning
  • 28 Hairstyles with 13 colours
  • 26 Jaw types 
  • 26 Eye types with 8 colours and a slider for positioning
  • 18 BG colours
  • 28 Mouth Types with a slider for positioning
  • 15 Eyebrows types with a slider for positioning
  • 27 Misc things like scars, birthmarks, freckles,glasses, horns etc
  • 14 Beard and Mustache styles
  • 7 Skin Colours
  • 16 Nose Types with a slider for positioning

The tool will most likely get updates in future adding new parts to it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll try to add it if I can.

This tool is WINDOWS only!


LICENCE: The images created with the tool can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify the images to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated.  You may not redistribute or resell the tool or images created with it on it's own(be it NFT or just images etc) or as part of an asset pack compilation. The assets can't be used in AI creations.


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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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:D :D :D

I'm In This Photo and I Don't Like It | Know Your Meme

Awesome! However, like others, I wanted the original files to make the customizer within my game. 

Incase it's useful to anyone, I made a tool for converting GameMaker spritesheets (this tool was made in GameMaker) into a Pixi.js format. You can find it here.

Hello There!

It's good to create the face of a character that I already have or only to something new?

Hey! Im not sure what you mean, but if  you mean if you can recreate some already existing character, then - maybe. You are ofcourse limited by the facial features included. So there might be somehting you can make, and something you can't. But normally it should be for new faces.

I has mean to recreate some already existing character, thanks for the answer!

I want to buy this one and the "Fantasy Platformer Pixelart Props".
Do you have any plan to make some discount?
(The dollar quotation make it's 5x the price for me, so it's become expensive)


Next discounts will probably be sometime in summer sale. So, sometime in June.

Ok, I will looking for it. Thanks!

oh I missed the sale... appreciate it's art style

I would really really like it if you could do some more, lets say ork/demon-ish style. like green/red skin and such ^^


Thanks! I was planning an update with more fantasy features, ill see if I can finish it some time, but will take a while probably.



Is there any way to buy the base assets to randomly create faces in our own game?

Many thanks!


Could you add creation of a face from command line arguments?  That would really be an x-factor for making portraits!


any chance for an update on the tool? It has been quite a while and I was hoping there would be some more elements added since the release.


I did have an update in the works, but im not sure when I'll be able to get to it, since i've got a lot of other work to do.  But It's still in the plans to add some more parts and options to the portrait maker


Yo i love this tool! one request for more hair for people of color. I appreciate the afro but cornrows, locs or twists would be great to have too! 

thanks so much for making this!


This is awesome.  Is it possible to get a random face from the command line?  For instance, if I wanted to get a face from another program.

Hi! Love this tool!

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Very intriguing. Is it possible to add custom facial features, hairs, and or accessories?

I could always edit the final product but adding to it would be great because it would increase the possibilities for random generation.

Hey, no sadly that is not possible at this time.

No worries, still really good value in any case. Thanks for the quick response.

Hiya is this tool ever on sale arhg.. . no way when I asked I see the mention of summer sale xD I must have missed this.. rats.. 

Hey, sorry for the late reply! Yeah it does go on sale some times, closest one should probably be winter sale in about 2 months, but maybe I'll participate in autumn sale sooner too

This tool is fantastic, I would just love to see an update that would add some more features for older avatars (right now, it is impossible to create older looking characters). But otherwise, what a great tool, I am very happy I spent the money, it is worth every penny.


Hey, thanks for getting it and thanks for the feedback! I will add more 'older age' features to my list of things to add some time in the future!

hello i love this tool, but is there any way to be able to use this so i can randomly generate faces inside my game? or do they need to be created here and exported as individual sprites

Hello, there is currently no way to use it in that way. You need to export them as individual sprites if you want to do that

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Hello great tool! Is there any way to get a larger  200px  output? Thankyou


Hello! If you mean the actual drawn image, then no, because I would have to redraw everything to be larger. If you want just empty space around, you can simply make the canvas bigger and put the portrait in the center. You can also however just rescale the portrait in even numbers like 200%,300% and it will look as intended without any scaling issues(but if you use it together with other pixelart and that pixelart is on 100% scale, then there will be mixed pixel sizes). 

I'm very interested in this tool, I wonder if there will be future update like more parts or to add facial expressions maybe ? 

Thanks! Yeah, there will be some update, but  I don't know when, I don't have a lot of time to work on the asset packs lately. So it might take a while.

To any buyers: THIS IS WINDOWS ONLY!

This is a cool tool but I wished it stated that this was Windows only in the description. I bought it and only found out when I saw an exe file in my downloads... 

I have a windows machine so I didn't want to refund, I can break it out to use this, but I think it'd be helpful to people who don't but might get misled by the lack of any mention of platforms in the description.

Ah, sorry about that, i had forgotten to check the marker in the game upload page that its only for windows. I added a note in the description too, thanks for notifying me!

I absolutely love this thing. Some of the random portraits I've rolled up have actually given me a legitimate gut laugh. Here's to hoping you do more of these, cheers! :D

Thank you!


No problem!

I'd love to see generators like this one for various fantasy races. Kobolds, orcs, goblins, etc. I could see something like this being very useful for running ttrpg games on roll20. :)


Got this the other day and I'm super happy with it!
Are you considering adding more hairstyles and fantasy skin colours? (green, blue, red, etc) Maybe even horns and yellow eyes?
That'd be great. Keep up the awesome work, though!

Hey, thank you! 
Yes, I will most likely add more skin colours already in the next update! Though im not sure when I'll be able to update yet

omg this is super cool! thank you very much for making this!

do you by any chance know some style-matching body asset packs to make "full" body?

Thank you! No sadly I do not know any. I have some vague plans of introducing body parts some time later in the future, but I can't promise it yet.

i also loved your satire game https://aamatniekss.itch.io/pixel-artist-simulator it reminded me on the political games on https://www.molleindustria.org/

thanks also for your quick reply <3

Thanks! :D

does this work on Mac OS?

Sadly it's windows only

Deleted 2 years ago

There isn't any clothing in the Maker at the moment, so Im not sure I can add it yet, but I'll think about it and how it could work, and maybe add a new category for 'hats/helmets/headgear' sometime later on. But no promises for that one

God work!!!!



I've been saying we needed something like this for years. Top-notch!

Thanks Seliel! :)

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As already stated, this is god tier. I would even pay for expansion packs, take all my money.

One portrait of this caliber would be like $50 bucks anyway.

I gave the lip color suggestion, might I also add:

  • Eyelid squint and closed states for each eye type
  • open wide, showing teeth,  small :o for each mouth type (so I can animate talking frames)

All I got atm. Really loving using this.


Thanks for the suggestions, i'll see what I can do!

(1 edit) (+1)


A few edits later. I love you. Give me expansion packs NOW

all seriousness, talking frames are already very possible. just edited some eyes and customized to fit our designs.

That's really awesome to see!

This is really cool! Suggestion: a lock toggle for each option, so you can decide which parts can be randomized. Also, a way to customize the pieces ourselves, so we can add more parts or colorize the parts would be amazing.


Thank you! Good idea, I will try to add a lock option sometime when I update next. I don't think there will be any importing of images and stuff like that, but Ill try to think of some more customization options that I could add!

Looks great!



holy baby jesus, incredible work.

lol, thank you!